Online Services

Cyber Counselling

Sometimes it is not always easy to get to appointments, to find time to park and to get back to work. Many of us have busy lives. We care about your time and privacy. In an attempt to be efficient with your time we offer private online sessions at your convenience. We offer flexible schedules with the ability to book your own appointment.  

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Anger Management

This group runs every 8 weeks. Each session is  1 Hour. Sessions are conducted with confidential and non-judgmental clinicians.  Anger management certificate of completion. Groups have a maximum of 12 individuals.  

Program module overview: 

- Understanding Your Anger, 

- Anger and Personal Relationships, 

- Strategies to Reduce Anger and 

- Healing from Anger. 

Domestic Violence Program

We offer a 12 week online group course for persons who engage in unhealthy strategies in their relationships. This course is for any person who has had the moment where they recognize they have crossed a line. We accept those who have offended and have been charged. Certificate of completion available. 

Program Module Overview:

- What is Domestic Abuse

- Power and Control and the Cycle of Violence

- Effective Problem Solving

- Developing Healthy Relationships

- Shame

- Program Review and Relapse Plan

Personal Development - Your Inner Greatness

Regardless if you are in a relationship with someone or not we still have to have a relationship with the self. This Personal Development Digital Course consists of both self directed work with the option to have a session with a clinician. 

Topics include:

- Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

- End Your Fears

- Greatness Within You

- How to be Unstoppable 

With videos and worksheets this program will move you to find Your Inner Greatness